March 2 – Valentine’s Day Re-cap

I know that Valentine’s Day was awhile ago, but I HAVE to show you the adorable gifts I made for my niece and nephew.  When I was growing up my aunts and uncles always lived far away.  It was nice when we got to go visit them in their diverse locations, but we didn’t get to see them but once every year or so.  One of my aunts, Jodi, always tried to send us gifts for Valentine’s Day.  It was never anything big, but it always made me feel special.   I first became an aunt this past summer when my brother-in-law got married and his wife had a two-year-old daughter (Froggy).  I got my first nephew (Mr. Nephew) from my husband’s oldest brother’s wife in January and there is another one due in July (Tadpole) from the middle brother’s wife.  I absolutely LOVE being an aunt and I definitely enjoy spoiling my niece and nephew!  For Valentine’s Day I wanted to take a leaf out of my aunt’s book and give a small, special gift to my niece and nephew.

Froggy Girl

Froggy Girl got a brand new kitchen set for Christmas from her parents.  She loves cooking in her kitchen and having tea parties with her tea set.  I thought a perfect Valentine’s Day present for her would be a lovely apron to wear when she is cooking in her kitchen!  Check the blog tomorrow for a tutorial for this adorable apron!


Mr. Nephew

When my sister-in-law was still pregnant she posted a link on my facebook page for a taggie blanket in the shape of a turtle.  She thought it was super cute and wanted one for her baby.  I had meant to make one for her for the shower I hosted, but I didn’t get around to it.  So, it became the idea for Mr. Nephew’s V-Day present!


Here is the link if you would like to purchase your own turtle (This is NOT my listing):

Check back tomorrow for the Apron Tutorial!

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