March 1 – The Before

Well, I have decided in honor of National Craft Month I will be writing a blog post EVERY day.  I started this blog weeks ago and I have yet to post…  This will be just the inspiration I need to jump start this blog!


It is time to finally show you the dreaded “before” pictures of my craft room.

Keep in mind that this blog is a journey to organization and harmony.  I am starting at square one and you get be apart of the adventure.  With that being said, here is what my craft room looks like now….

IMG_0281 IMG_0282 IMG_0283


Ugh!  As you can see, my kitchen table is also temporarily part of my craft room to house the overflow.  Obviously my organized side needs to charge in here and get going!  I have started organizing though!  I will show you updated pictures as we go.

In my defense, that is a very, VERY small room.  Had I more space to put all of my crafting supplies – I know it never would have got this bad.  But, this is the space I have to deal with so I need to work with it.  As I am organizing I need to get rid of things.  I will be crafting myself OUT of my craft room! Wish me luck!


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