March 10 – Denim + Lace Part 2

A few days after I found the denim vest from yesterday’s post I went back to the thrift store and found another one – in pink!  I couldn’t resist!  However, part of my Wardrobe Updating project is to make sure I have plenty of variety in my wardrobe.  And, as much as I want to just do the same thing to this vest as I did to the blue one, I think maybe I need to think outside the box.  That is where you, my lovely readers, come in!  I would love some feedback on what you think I should do with this vest.



Option 1: Add grey lace


Option 2:  Add a cordinating cotton print fabric


Option 3:   Leave as is, but add some punk studs (which are coming in the mail any day now to be used for another project as well)


Option 4:  ?…………

Do you have another idea for me?  Feel free to post a comment below!  You can describe what you are thinking or post a link to something you have seen online.   When I decide what to do, with your help, I will post pictures of the results! Thanks!


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