March 12 – Tribal Print Skirt!

At my new job I will start at promptly 7:30am, whereas the old job began at 9:00am.  Therefore, I have been trying to recondition my body to be a morning person…  I really should be in bed right now!

What kept me up tonight was the inspiration to finally make my tribal print skirt.  I have been wanting to make it for days, but I have been trying to go to bed early.  Tonight I just couldn’t stand it!  I HAD to make it!

I used this tutorial I found on Pinterest from handmademess.  She called it her “Easiest Skirt in the World”.  It was a pretty good tutorial, but if you want to make it yourself I would recommend reading the comments first.  There are some things that got added to clear up some questions. It really was a very easy skirt!  I will probably make many more. 🙂

Here is my tribal print skirt with the outfit I will wear tomorrow. (The shirt and tights are brand new from Kohl’s)

IMG_0373 IMG_0374

This will definitely not be my last tribal print skirt!  I wasn’t totally in love with this fabric, so I am still on the look-out for the print in my head.  However, it made a pretty cute skirt and I can’t wait to wear it to my last day of work tomorrow.


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