Hello! My name is Elise and this blog is all about my journey in crafting my way to an organized, efficient life!

I have two big parts of my personality – the organized side and the crafty side.  Now usually these two sides are in  opposittion of one another.  Should I finish this episode of Grey’s and the afgan I am knitting OR should I do the dishes that have been piling up for days.  Should I take my puppy dog for a walk OR should I cut out the adorable outfit for my nephew.  With not enough time in the day, it can be hard for me to decide which side should win.  However, I have decided that there is no reason why I have to always be fighting myself.  I can balance both sides of my personality if I let my creative side help me organize things and I organize my creative side.  I am starting out on a journey to make my life more organized and efficient through my love of crafting!  I will be focusing on organizing my craft room, updating my wardrobe, making my apartment feel more like home, and being prepared when it comes to gift giving for my friends and family.  Check out each of the following tabs to see how I am going to work on each of these areas of my life:

The Organized Craft Room

The Updated Wardrobe

The Homey Apartment

The Prepared Giver


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