Refurbished TV Stand



I have a soft spot in my heart for old pieces of furniture with a lot of potential for refurbishing.  When my sister was moving out of her apartment she presented me a one of her dumpster-diving finds. She was eager to off load the big, bulky piece and I was very willing to give it a new home and a facelift.  The Hub-Hub, however, saw it and said I was under no circumstances to bring that broken piece of crap home with me!  So, I set about to scheme how to get it home with me without his knowledge.  The next time I went to visit my sister, I got my Dad to help me load it into my SUV and my neighbor to help me move it into the basement.  Then I let it sit there for a few months so the Hub-Hub would forget about where it possibly could have come from.

Now normally I try not to go against my husband’s wishes, but when I have an amazing idea for a project, sometimes I just can’t resist!  In this case, things turned out ok.  By the time I got around to painting the forlorn piece of furniture into a beautiful tv stand I had convinced him of my dream and even got his help sanding and painting. 🙂  I also made the curtains to fit in the two bottom openings – which I plan on switching out for every holiday/season!  So many exciting uses for this “dumpster-dive-piece-of-crap” that is now a focal point for our living room.

Thanks for not killing me for bringing it home Hub-Hub!  I love you. 🙂








Finally Spring and Sunshine!

I have been hoping and praying for the sunshine and my day off to match up for weeks now!  This weekend they did so I could FINALLY take some good pictures for my blog!  It was an absolutely beautiful weekend and I was able to get ton of stuff done in the yard, take my new bike out for a spin, AND take plenty of pictures for my blog!   I now have lots of good photos to share with you, but I will save them for future posts.  Today, I wanted to show you the pictures of my springtime lap quilt I made for myself. 🙂  I have literally been working on this quilt for over a year and I am so happy to have it finished!  I love the colors, the YELLOW back, and the fun binding.

IMG_0403                        IMG_0404

What do you think?   Now tell me those colors don’t get you in the mood for sunshine and springtime! 🙂

March 11 – Easter Table Runner

Here in Iowa, we keep getting dumped on.  Last week we got 6+ inches of snow, it rained all weekend, and last night we had a lovely mix of snow/sleet/freezing rain.  It looks pretty awful around here…  However, I cannot shake the feeling that Spring is just about here! Which also means – Easter!!!!  Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays.  You get to hang out with family, eat lots of awesome food, and, even though we always woke up at the crack of dawn for sunrise worship service, we had nice big baskets of candy waiting for us!  Always made it easier to wake up. 😉

I am eager for Easter so I thought I would share a picture of the table runner I made.  It is one of my favorite projects – one that uses up scraps I have in my stash and does not require buying anything!


What do you think?

March 4 – Wall Art

Lately I have been collecting old books to turn into book purses. 🙂  I have gathered quite a fun collection of covers to remake into purses and someday soon I will show you, my lovely readers, the completed products.

For now, I am having fun with some of the old pages I found in the books, since to make the purses I need to cut out all the pages.  To start, I turned a few pages from one of the books into wall art for my bathroom.  There wasn’t much for decoration in my bathroom and I thought the images of water-based activities would be appropriate.  Scuba-diving, fishing, swimming, boating, etc; will all by featured in my bathroom as I add more decorations.

To make my first set of artwork, I bought some 6×6 inch canvases and I painted them turquoise.  Then I pasted the book pages to the canvases using decoupage.  After they dried, I asked my husband to help me hang them up next to the mirror in my bathroom!

Check out the results!