Blog Update

As you may or may not have noticed, I have falled quite behind in my blogging-once-a-day-for-the-month-of-March-Challenge.  My new job took up quite a bit of my time this past week and I know it will be awhile before things settle down.  However, I think this is a good thing.  While blogging every day sounds like a good idea, I wasn’t happy with the quality of some of my posts.  As I hope to gain a large readership, I want to make sure I have excellent blog posts that I am proud of.  Therefore, I will be spacing my blog posts out so that I can have a few days to work on each.

Even though I haven’t been blogging, I have been working very hard in my craft room.  My mom came to visit me last weekend and we got a bunch of garments cut out.  Today I finally finished one of them!  I have been drooling over this skirt for YEARS!

Many times when I buy a pattern it is because I like the design, but not the fabric.  I can usually think of the exact fabric choice/color that I want to use to create the garment.  This skirt was different.  I wanted it in the EXACT color with the EXACT trim to look EXACTLY like the model on the pattern.  I am especially drawn to wardrobe pieces that allow me to bend some of the rules of fashion.  For example: you shouldn’t wear brown with black OR black with navy.  I realize this skirt is actually royal blue, but it is borderline…  I have the most adorable scarf that has brown, black, navy, AND grey!  I wear it with EVERYTHING!  This skirt will allow me to wear my favorite blue heels with black tights.

A few weeks ago I bought the fabric to make the skirt and today I cut it out and sewed it up.  Here is my new skirt with the outfit I will be wearing to work tomorrow! 🙂

IMG_0378 IMG_0381IMG_0379


What do you think?


March 12 – Tribal Print Skirt!

At my new job I will start at promptly 7:30am, whereas the old job began at 9:00am.  Therefore, I have been trying to recondition my body to be a morning person…  I really should be in bed right now!

What kept me up tonight was the inspiration to finally make my tribal print skirt.  I have been wanting to make it for days, but I have been trying to go to bed early.  Tonight I just couldn’t stand it!  I HAD to make it!

I used this tutorial I found on Pinterest from handmademess.  She called it her “Easiest Skirt in the World”.  It was a pretty good tutorial, but if you want to make it yourself I would recommend reading the comments first.  There are some things that got added to clear up some questions. It really was a very easy skirt!  I will probably make many more. 🙂

Here is my tribal print skirt with the outfit I will wear tomorrow. (The shirt and tights are brand new from Kohl’s)

IMG_0373 IMG_0374

This will definitely not be my last tribal print skirt!  I wasn’t totally in love with this fabric, so I am still on the look-out for the print in my head.  However, it made a pretty cute skirt and I can’t wait to wear it to my last day of work tomorrow.

March 10 – Denim + Lace Part 2

A few days after I found the denim vest from yesterday’s post I went back to the thrift store and found another one – in pink!  I couldn’t resist!  However, part of my Wardrobe Updating project is to make sure I have plenty of variety in my wardrobe.  And, as much as I want to just do the same thing to this vest as I did to the blue one, I think maybe I need to think outside the box.  That is where you, my lovely readers, come in!  I would love some feedback on what you think I should do with this vest.



Option 1: Add grey lace


Option 2:  Add a cordinating cotton print fabric


Option 3:   Leave as is, but add some punk studs (which are coming in the mail any day now to be used for another project as well)


Option 4:  ?…………

Do you have another idea for me?  Feel free to post a comment below!  You can describe what you are thinking or post a link to something you have seen online.   When I decide what to do, with your help, I will post pictures of the results! Thanks!

March 9 – Denim + Lace

I have been searching and searching for the perfect denim jacket.  Why?  I am DYING to make a denim + lace shirt, jacket, or vest! Look at these pictures from my Pinterest boardDIY Clothing and tell me YOU don’t want one too! 😉

Awesome right!?  But the search for the perfect denim piece was hard.  It had to be lightweight, faded, and pale blue.  I also wanted it to have a flattering fit and possibly even front pockets – so I could rip them off and put lace in their place. The jean jackets I came across were all dark and heavy.  I had to adjust the concept slightly when I found this medium blue, light-weight denim VEST.


It obviously needed a lot of work and attention to turn it from that ^ into a beautiful lace + denim vest.  I took out my trusty seam ripper and removed the front pocket and the ribbon around the inside of the collar.  I then cut out the back of the vest – leaving a 1/2 inch of the original garment all the way around so I would have something to sew the lace to.  I used this piece I cut out to make the pattern for the lace insert.  I also used the pocket I removed as a pattern for a new lace pocket.  After sewing these lace elements onto my denim vest I finally have an adorable lace + denim vest for Spring!

AFTER:  IMG_0358 IMG_0359

I think I will also remove the brown/tan buttons and switch them out for white ones, but I couldn’t wait to show you all this new wardrobe piece I have been dreaming of for weeks!  I will add a picture of me wearing it when I find/make the perfect pants to wear with them…

Check out my March 10 post for another lace + denim vest post!  I need some helping deciding what to do with it – so comments are welcome and appreciated!

March 8 – Tribal Print Skirts

I am totally digging tribal print skirts!  Check out these Pinspirations from my DIY – Clothing Board!

Totally trending right now!

I especially want one that is hand beaded or full of sequins!

I actually bought some tribal print fabric last July…  I need to get this sewn up this week! I could use some cute skirts to wear to my new job.  🙂  Can’t wait!  I will post pictures asap!


What do you think of tribal print?