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March 7 – Re-Learning Crochet…

So I am a hardcore knitter.  I despise crocheting and all that it stands for.  This hatred is completely unfounded, I just prefer knitting – it makes WAY more sense to me.  My older sister, however, is the opposite.  She much prefers crochet and thinks knitting is way too complicated with its many stitches – vs. just the one in crocheting.  Unfortunately for me, I have a bad habit of finding patterns on Pinterest that I adore only to find out they are crochet.  My sister has tried to teach me crochet before – since it is a helpful technique for finishing edges on knit pieces, but I soon forgot this detested skill.  I decided to bite the bullet and re-learn when I found this super-awesome pattern that I just HAVE to knit for someone I know.  This person shall remain nameless until I finish the crocheted piece for their birthday which is almost a year away *see my “prepared giver” page ;).  I am home visiting my parents and my sisters for a few days so I bugged my older sister to re-teach me how to crochet.  Here we are struggling our way through the learning process.   Turns out, crochet really isn’t all that bad… I just needed to be receptive to learning this new skill. 🙂

IMG_0337 IMG_0342

March 6 – Knitting Club

A few years ago I taught the ladies in my husband’s family how to knit.  I have been knitting since I was 9 years old, but sometimes it is hard to find people to knit with.  So, I made some of my friends/family knitters! After I taught them, we started a weekly knitting club.  It has been going pretty strong for the past two+ years and I hope it is a tradition that we continue for a long, long time!  We have added many new members recently to join our little club and I enjoy catching up with my friends/family once a week.  As I am dashing off to club tonight I thought I would just show you a photo of the afghan I am making. I think we need more color in our living room, so I am knitting us a nice, warm blanket!  I used this adorable Knit Chevron Baby Blanket pattern from The Purl Bee.  Since it is going to be for an adult, however, I cast on 198 stitches.  I LOVE this pattern and I will probably use it to knit many, many more things.  For now, I am just using up some scrap yarn and bringing some color to my living room.


I will show more photos when the afghan is complete!