Refurbished TV Stand



I have a soft spot in my heart for old pieces of furniture with a lot of potential for refurbishing.  When my sister was moving out of her apartment she presented me a one of her dumpster-diving finds. She was eager to off load the big, bulky piece and I was very willing to give it a new home and a facelift.  The Hub-Hub, however, saw it and said I was under no circumstances to bring that broken piece of crap home with me!  So, I set about to scheme how to get it home with me without his knowledge.  The next time I went to visit my sister, I got my Dad to help me load it into my SUV and my neighbor to help me move it into the basement.  Then I let it sit there for a few months so the Hub-Hub would forget about where it possibly could have come from.

Now normally I try not to go against my husband’s wishes, but when I have an amazing idea for a project, sometimes I just can’t resist!  In this case, things turned out ok.  By the time I got around to painting the forlorn piece of furniture into a beautiful tv stand I had convinced him of my dream and even got his help sanding and painting. 🙂  I also made the curtains to fit in the two bottom openings – which I plan on switching out for every holiday/season!  So many exciting uses for this “dumpster-dive-piece-of-crap” that is now a focal point for our living room.

Thanks for not killing me for bringing it home Hub-Hub!  I love you. 🙂