The Organized Craft Room

The Organized Craft Room:
I used to be a very responsible, organized, and prepared person. My mantra has always been: keep things efficient, stream-lined, and clutter-free. In my head, I still think that I am organized and on top of the world. Walk into my house on any given day, however, and you probably would not use these same adjectives to describe me. Especially if I gave you access into my craft room (which my husband has affectionately dubbed my “crap room”). My craft room is supposed to be my place of relaxation, inspiration, and creativity. Instead, it is a source of much stress and an eye-sore. Most of the time, in order to actually work on a project I have to move things out of the way just to get to my work area. My goal is to get my craft room organized – once and for all, so that it can be a functional work space of harmony and happiness!


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